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Who we are? 

Galerye is a social networking app to connect, create and share creative ideas.

It is a platform for a social networking where users can connect, create and share their creativity, art and day to day life activities to the rest of the world. Galerye helps users to connect, create and share creative ideas and art works.

Galerye was founded in 2016, After visiting artists studio's around DMV area. We are based in Virginia, Maryland and DC area, Since 2016 the Galerye visited different contemporary artists and discussed about possible opportunities we can open for artists. And now Galerye is serving all kinds of creativity. We know that there is a shortage of networking when it comes to creativity (any form of creativity).

our online art gallery is a unique in helping people around the WORLD. Since 2016 Galerye helped artists to grow in their creativity and to broaden their network. we would love to grow and help artists globally and to be the biggest network around the globe. We know that there is a shortage of online networking to connect, create and share creativity. our aim is to help the people and the community  to make better networking. As a online art gallery and a networking platform we are just an open source to help artists and creative people to share their creativity to the world. Galerye connect artists and art lovers !  we Believe everyone has a creative side, that's why Galerye is for all.

Our future plan is to create the biggest platform in connecting the worlds community with creativity. We would love to create the biggest creative community through online networking, we as a platform create the bridge between creative people to connect share and learn from each other. For artists who lead creativity we are happy to see the platform serving millions of artists around the world. Networking is beyond selling art works. Networking is a key element in our generation hence this platform will serve to fullfill what creative people are deraming for. 


Why young artists ? 

Galerye is open for all, but we believe young people need opportunity to see their talent to create share and connect , we are that bridge for young people where they can explore their talent and skills. We as online art gallery would like to create an opportunity to be the biggest platform for creativity. Now is a time to connect via creative ideas and art.  Create a  discussion about creativity, art and life.

Galerye wants to help creativity grow by increasing by providing a solution to the social economic and cultural problems. We will build better WORLD by creating a connection, creativity and sharing.





''Art is a lie

that makes us realize the truth.''

-Pablo Picasso 

Artists are the back bones of a society who give direction and helps to Briton the life of the people .our future starts here, let it shine with all the support from the community .
art is not only about beauty it has more functions and value. 
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