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Wel come to I and my gallery !

Connecting the comunity
Message from Galerye

Welcome to Galerye.  Join, connect, create and share. We are happy to see you and we love to serve you in all your artistic and creative needs, our artists are talented enough to help you with your beautiful soul and to help you grow your business, Galerye is committed to to help grow artistic and creative ideas, we strongly believe that supporting creativity in social networking problems will help them to be more creative and productive. Thats where artists can hep themselves and their communities.

We are here to support artists and the community by creating a platform where artists and the community meet share ideas and ofcrures sell create a network.  We are a platform basically for people of the WORLD  who are creative in their mind . Therefore we love to see the world connected via creativity. And people support each other to be productive and creative, we are committed to support the community through this online net work solutions.


We know what makes you happy. ART! 

 We are exited to see you hear, thats right. You are on the right place!

Let us know if you have any questions, we are more than happy to assist you. Enjoy your visit enjoy your show. 

Thank you                                                           

The Galerye team

Connect, Create, Share

Artistic and creative team







‘‘Every child is an artist.

The problem is how to 

remain an artist 

once we grow up.’’

-Pablo Picasso

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